About Us

Established in 2001, AdvantaChart, Inc. is committed to providing innovative solutions to medical offices throughout the US. The mission of AdvantaChart, Inc. is to increase efficiency, reduce error, and enhance service in doctor's offices with the use of leading edge technology. Our founder has over 20 years of computer software experience, participating in a variety of high-tech projects, including work on NASA's space shuttle program, F-16 fighter jet program and Ford Motor Company.


Originally designed specifically for OB/GYN offices with input from practicing OB/GYNs, AdvantaChart now offers ONC Certified for MU2 EHR/PM software designed specifically for  OB/GYN, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Family Practice and Maternal Fetal Medicine. AdvantaChart's software is aimed at small to mid-sized practices (50 physicians) that are especially challenged by chart maintenance.


Besides having an EHR software, AdvantaChart offers AdvantaPM, a practice management software that will offers a turnkey solution for practices that wish to have both an EHR and PM together as one software system.



The AdvantaChart Advantage

Easy to Maneuver - Screens are straightforward and natural to navigate. Using a laptop, tablet, or desktop workstation, the doctor and staff can document all phone calls, exam results, tests and labs, scripts, and hospital stays. The workflow process matches Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Maternal Fetal Medicine.and Pediatric Specialties. For OB/GYN our software incorporates the ACOG Antepartum record.


Reliable and Secure - Whether you choose to use AdvantaChart on the Cloud or host on your own personal server, AdvantaChart is available to access 24/7, anywhere, anytime as long as you have internet and a secure VPN connection.


Affordable - Compare AdvantaChart to other EHR and PM software and you will find that AdvantaChart is reasonably priced so that any size practice can take advantage of this competitive resource designed specifically for your  specialty.


Time Savings - No more rummaging through thousands of medical records to find the chart that you need. You can pull up a patients chart instantly via electronic health records.


No more carting charts from office to office - You can access charts from any location via Electronic Health Records (EHR).


No more lost or missing charts - All your data is stored in a secured location.


Space savings - Turn your medical records room into the size of a computer system with our computerized medical records. Share patient information with all your staff simultaneously using our computerized medical records.


Access your patients' charts remotely - From home, the hospital or anywhere that has an internet connection via our electronic health records systems.


E-Prescribe - Send e-prescriptions with just a few clicks and refills with just one click. The prescription is usually ready by the time your patient gets to the pharmacy!