What about records that already exist in my office?

There are several options. Some doctors begin an electronic record as a patient comes in. They include all the previous information plus scan in the patient’s completed form, and then this record replaces the previous paper chart. By creating EHRs only when a patient visits, you don’t waste time on old records of those you may not see again.


Another approach is to “start fresh,” maintaining the old paper records but creating only electronic records going forward.


Yet a third idea is to scan in old files gradually until all records are electronic, while putting all new records into the system from the time AdvantaChart installed.


Are there additional costs to customize this system for my office?

Since AdvantaChart is an “off the shelf” system, you should be able to use it immediately, as is. AdvantaChart has worked with all specialties to make sure that your specialty has specific screen to meet your patients needs for that specialty.


AdvantaChart, Inc. does encourage doctors to suggest enhancements. Additional costs depend on whether these enhancements are specific to one practice or a product benefit that others will enjoy.


Is AdvantaChart™ Web-based?

AdvantaChart is available on the Cloud or PC-based on your own personal server. Either way, AdvantaChart will be available 24/7 anywhere, anytime.