The AdvantaChart Electronic Medical Record Software is designed to meet the specific needs of Internal Medicine specialties. Patients fill out a one page patient history form that is scanned into AdvantaChart and that electronically populates the patients chart and now is ready to be seen by the rest of the staff.


AdvantaChart EMR Software includes easy to use custom templates for history of present illness, complaints, review of systems, electronic drug prescriptions, drug to drug interactions and coding. AdvantaChart software also incorporates an electronic superbill and E&M coder that has been customized specifically for Internal Medicine specialties.



  • Mirrors workflow process of Internal Medicine

  • Tracks status of tests/labs (ordered, received, reviewed, patient notified)
  • Voice, handwriting, keyboard, scanning entry. AdvantaChart also works well with Dragon Medical Software
  • Recommends E/M codes ($$ helps eliminate down coding)
  • Assists with coding visits (ICD-9/ICD-10 and CPT codes)
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Prescriptions are printed, faxed, or electronically sent to pharmacies
  • SoapNote view of visit
  • Generates consultation letters
  • Procedure template to document any procedure performed
  • Certified for Meaningful Use



Physicians and other prescribing healthcare professionals are increasingly utilizing software applications that replace written prescriptions with electronic orders sent directly to pharmacies via computer networks or faxes.

The demand for efficiency and increased safety is driving healthcare decision-makers to look with greater interest at electronic prescribing options. AdvantaChart, Inc. has been certified with Sure Scripts in order to offer our providers solutions for their ePrescribing needs


Click below for screenshots of our Internal Medicine EHR product: