"Thank you AdvantaChart support team for your help in regard to the Meaningful Use audit documentation process. All of the hard work finally paid off and our practice passed all of the audits with no further action required!


"I can't thank or compliment the AdvantaChart support team enough for all of the hard work and attention to detail that helps support customers like me."



"We are extremely happy with our AdvantaChart. We fully implemented the EHR & PM simultaneously and were fully operational literally overnight. For a practice with 9 physicians, 6 Nurse Practitioners and 85 employees, this was a monumental accomplishment. The customer service and tech support has been outstanding. This EHR is actually built with the end user in mind, even the most computer naïve practitioner has adapted to the new system."



"Thanks for all your hard work to keep this system awesome."



"I think you are doing a fantastic job. I think that it is priceless to have access to you like we do and have you available to fix our every little wish. In the end, it also helps you develop your software and make it better and better and user freiendly. I have considered in the past other EHR companies and thought that it would have been "safer" to go for a bigger company with hundreds of employees and support staff, and decided to go with yours because it seemed to be a great EHR and have enjoyed the friendly relationship with you guys since then. My friends can't call the NextGen programmers and get changes made overnight. Like I said, this is priceless; for the rest, there is Mastercard."



"I just went through a risk management audit and we did really well (97% on our Medical Records Section!!) Hope you're doing well - I miss talking to you but everything is running like clockwork so I have no reason to call!!!"



"The report you produced for us is absolutely perfect. The fact that you were able to produce this urgent report, in such an amazingly short time is so appreciated. We are fortunate for the conscientious and excellent technical support representative you have been for our Practive. Thank you again for your expert assistance."



"AdvantaChart™ lets me think like a doctor, not a computer."



"For our practice this has been a godsend. I can't imagine practicing without AdvantaChart™. I am convinced from previous experience this is the best system for OB/GYN providers and I have no doubt I will retire with AdvantaChart™. We have tried several of the rest and have found the best of EHR systems.”



"The time saving benefits of the electronic medical record, (AdvantaChart™), are well recognized by the medical profession. A bonus provided by AdvantaChart™ is the prompting by the program for 100% compliance with the all important billing criteria and accurate coding. This coupled with the rapid access to diagnosis codes via the program makes for efficient and "audit safe" patient record management. How can anyone practice without this benefit?"


"With AdvantaChart™, I enter data right after I see a patient, and no one else has to be involved. There’s no filing to be done, no filing cabinets taking up space, and when I need one lab result I don’t have to search through an inch-thick paper file to find it."